We are being watched.

There are bushes outside our big living room window. It’s a great place to get a close-up peek into nature. In the spring and summer there are lots of huge bees snacking at the flowering bush. In the fall and winter we see birds hanging out on the berry bush, eating and visiting with each other. We have some regular visitors – a beautiful cardinal couple.

Dagny saw them this morning and grabbed my camera to take some pictures of them on a date under the tree where our two squirrel friends live.

Very cool.

But there’s always been something a little bit strange about the birds in our yard. From the time we moved in 7 years ago there has been a cardinal that follows me from room to room (flying from one side of the house to the other) to bang on the window when they’re out of seed.

And now this.

She’s here every morning. First she flaps on the window a bit to get our attention. Then she makes herself comfortable. And watches.


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