Someone posted a link to the T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S project on unschoolingbasics this morning. It reminded Rowan of, so we spent quite a while there this morning. Rob Cockerham’s one of those people I’d like have stay at my house for a week or two.

Later in the day I attempted a mohawk on Dagny for the first (and I’m told, the very last) time. I offered to take a picture as she bolted up the stairs to rinse it out. She declined.

Tonight is Maggie-Ray’s let’s-watch-American-Idol-for-my-fourth-birthday-party. There will be giggling.

Rowan decided a costume was in order, and will be attending as an elegant witch with a cauldron full of surprises.

In going through her dress-up supplies she came across the perfect thing for me to wear.


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  1. **Tonight is Maggie-Ray’s let’s-watch-American-Idol-for-my-fourth-birthday-party**We’ve been watching too. Never have before. We had to, just to see what so many people are talking about. Wow. Its really “interesting”. lolNot sure if I’m a reality show person. 😉

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