We’ve all become a bit obsessed with Arrested Development. I saw a few minutes of it on TV one night and could not rest until I found out what show it was and how I could see all of it. Lucky for me they have it at Netflix. I space the discs out carefully on our queue, and Dagny insists we ration the episodes when each disc arrives. We’re introducing Andrew to it now so we can watch the whole thing all over again. Um, I mean because we thought he’d like it.

We’re getting into some other TV shows thanks to Netflix. Lately we’ve been watching The Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched. They’re worth watching just for the fashion – both clothes and house furnishings. Some serious style going on there.

Then there’s all sorts of good stuff on being a husband/wife/parent/family in the days of pearl necklaces and single beds. And great examples of how to stand with your foot just so.

Mr. Deity would like his own TV show. I say let there be freaky blue light.

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