A couple of years ago Rowan read a book about chocolate and learned that the streetlights in Hershey, PA are shaped like chocolate kisses. She decided that was something she really wants to see.

Vacation, chocolate, streetlights shaped like kisses – sounded like a good idea to the rest of us. The only thing we could think of to make it even better was to invite some friends. And heck, why not drive to the Lovejoys’ house in South Carolina while we’re out and about for a concert and what looks like it’s going to be a heck of a party with bunches of people we don’t get to see nearly often enough?

We had our usual logistical issues to figure out – aka who will take care of the puppies-who-think-they’re-human? We’re bummed that Andrew has to work and can’t come with us, but very relieved to know that he will be here to take good care of Godiva and Petunia. Dammit, of course, insists on staying with Amy because she has put so many years into training her in proper princess puppy care.

So off we go, March 28th, to play with unschoolers and see all there is to see in Hershey. Yay!

Speaking of our fabulous unschooling friends, I got a surprise in the mail today. Kelli sent me the felted tapestry from Lactation Nation.

It’s even more beautiful in person and it feels really cool too. And every time I see it I’ll be reminded of people I love. How lucky am I?


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