This is what the table in our dining room looked like for quite a few days. We had the idea for a window seat in our mudroom shortly after moving in. (7 years ago!) Last week we finally had everything we needed to make it happen. Jon cut out a base, we got some foam and batting, and we ordered some ridiculously expensive upholstery fabric. Based on what we saw at the fabric store, there are people who pay $2-300 for a yard of fabric. We are not those people. But still, I had to gather my courage before I could cut into this fabric. Then I had to look at it for another day or so before I finally picked up the staple gun.

I’m ok with a staple gun. They’re fun, they make a good loud noise, and you can do cool things with them. What scared me was corners. I googled my way through a bunch of sites to try to get some idea of the best way to upholster corners. Pretty much everything I found said something along the lines of, ‘start in the middle, work your way to the corners, then do the corners.’ Um, ya. Very helpful.

With Dagny’s assistance I finally did it. If you ever need someone to encourage you that you can do something, Dagny’s the one. She’s very convincing :o). One cushion down, one to go.

Hey, wait – there’s a table in our dining room! But, no, not a dining room table. I went to an antique store last weekend in hopes of finding one, and instead came home with this 8 foot table, which we think will work great in our craft/sewing/doing fun stuff room.

It needs a little TLC, but so far we’ve eaten on it, crafted on it, and sat on it, and it seems to belong here. Dagny’s very happy to have somewhere to put her sewing machine.

Rowan, meanwhile, is sick and has spent the past 5 days in bed, which is really not her style. Ok, she did jump out of bed and run outside when it suddenly started to snow the other day. And a good thing too, since the snow only lasted about ten minutes.
Here’s a little entertainment for her:String Spin

Draw Toy

Some neat stuff to look at:

Dirty Car Art

Gummi Bear Sculptures

And some interesting reading:



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