Tomorrow we go on our first camping trip of the summer. We’ve gone to the same campground with Karen and Timmy for years and years. It has everything we want – a big, private site, a river where we can move rocks around and make dams, horseshoes, and candy bar bingo. And this year we’ll be camping with little Timmy, who is delicious.

Also delicious will be the bananas we cook in the coals of our fire. They warm us up on the inside on cold New Hampshire nights.

Slice banana open lengthwise, being careful not to cut the bottom skin.
Stuff the resulting crack in the banana with marshmallows (we vegetarians substitute fluff) and the candy of your choice, broken into small pieces. Hershey bars are the original candy, but we’ve tried out just about everything. I like a Caramello bar.
Double wrap the banana with heavy duty foil.
Put the wrapped banana on the coals for somewhere around 15 minutes. Really, we usually cook them just as long as we can stand to wait for them.
Unwrap and eat with a spoon.



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