Thisenrages me.It truly does.

Really, there’s no need for fancy concealed tracking devices in blazers. Why not just stick those handy ankle monitors on the kids?

And at the end of the article: knife-proof uniforms?? Who the hell can look at the problem of children being stabbed by other children and think the solution is knife-deflecting clothing? And what the hell does it do to a child’s Self to have to wear a knife-proof uniform every day?

Children are stripped of their dignity, their autonomy, their privacy, and their freedom, and people are shocked that they’re angry and resentful and violent.

It’s insane and infuriating and very, very sad.

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  1. if they chained the kids to the desk none of this would be an issueWhy shouldn’t the retailers profit off of parents fears? It’s not like they’ve never done that before. Convince the parents that new clothes, backpacks, sneakers, ipods, whatever, would make things right and they don’t have to think for themselves and take a look at how they are (or aren’t) bringing up the kids

  2. Last summer when I was purchasing a new phone, the salesman, quite nonchalantly, offered me a phone for my kid that included an alarm that would alert me if my child left the pre-programmed area I had set in the phone! Lo-Jack Phones — eeek!!

  3. There WAS a move for legislation to put the ankle monitors on ‘truants’ in MD back in Feb. of this year. Thankfully, enough protest led to that idea being shot down! So I guess this is just what evolved next. Aargh!

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