A few months ago Dagny told me she’d like to find someone to help her learn more about photography. Suddenly there was Karen-the-photographer (not to be confused with KarenKaren) – a new friend we instantly liked so much, and who takes amazing pictures. She’s taken Dagny on a photo shoot and shown her all sorts of things about my camera that I never knew.

We’ve had some great weather this fall – 80 degrees in October! We spent one beautiful day at Memorial Park with the Dorseys and Karen-the-photographer (or as Rowan likes to call her, “Dagny’s mentor”) and her kids, Will and Olivia. I convinced Dagny to play hooky from a doctor’s appointment and I had the same feeling I used to get when I decided to spend the day at the beach rather than at school *G*.

There was river wading, a play, a log battle, extensive wood collecting, and a pool of leaves that stopped us in our tracks.

We ended the day at the Dorseys’ house with Barbie torture and a whole lot of mud for Rowan and a snuggle with Olivia for me.

A very good day.


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