Dagny’s on vacation, traveling from friend’s house to friend’s house, so Rowan and I are doing lots of fun things to help us not miss her so much.

Friday we took a trip to the salvage store, where Rowan found a homemade dollhouse just waiting for her to fix it up.

Saturday we had a visit from Amy, Luis, Taye, and Darius. They enjoyed meeting Lucky, a very friendly and patient black lab we are puppy-sitting, who hardly seemed to notice there was a baby climbing all over him.

When Lucky decided it was time to go for a walk, Darius turned his attention to Ro-ro (whose name he said for the first time that day!).

They were having so much fun that Lucky decided he wanted to get back in on the game.

The Oroscos are going to Peru next month and wanted to get some winter coats to bring to Amy and Luis’ nieces and nephews, so we all drove up to the thrift store. Rowan found just the teacup she wanted to use with her teapot.

We thought about going roller-skating on Sunday, but ended up having a quiet day instead. By Monday Rowan was ready for action, and luckily Chloe was able to come over. For ten hours they played and laughed and talked and did giggly things with everything from food coloring to vinegar to shaving cream.

So we’re having fun. And I’m very happy that Dagny is having a friend-filled adventure. But I do so miss my baby and her partner in crime.

They’re stopping at Ren’s next week. Any bets on whether they come home with another cat?


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  1. They’re here, they’re here!!:) And I’m trying to convince them that you won’t be upset if they bring Tristran home with them.Seriously.I’m not joking.Getting him packed now.Enjoy your new friend.Love ya!!

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