Back when Dagny and Andrew went on their roadtrip, Rowan decided that we should get a piano before they got back to surprise Dagny. We just barely pulled it off, thanks to Craigslist and Uncle Drew. Jon and Drew showed up at the door with the piano about an hour after Dagny and Andrew got home. (Yes, the doctor did tell Jon not to move any pianos after he had neck surgery. He’ll do anything for daddy bonus points.)

The kids have jumped right in, learning Deck the Halls, Heart and Soul, Ode to Joy, Imagine, Hallelujah, and in Rowan’s case, On the Planet Mars Where the Ladies Smoke Cigars. Lots of happy noise.

I don’t know who took this picture. I found it on my camera after Rowan’s birthday party.

Yummy Eli fingers.

I’m still a big fan of finding pictures on my camera. Here are some I found this week:

I know I can thank Andrew for the first two, but I’d bet the resident flower photographer took the last one. **I stand corrected. Dagny took those pictures of herself!**



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