Driving from my mom’s house to the ice cream place we pass by a house that must be owned by someone I’d like to know. It’s a big old house on a beautiful road in a beautiful (if perhaps a bit on the snobby side) town. There’s a side yard with lots of trees. The street kind of curves up and the land kind of curves down, so I imagine someone could drive right by without noticing what’s there. My parents, being the noticing type (and the type to go out for ice cream very regularly), noticed.

Jon wasn’t shy about walking into the yard last night to get some pictures. I stayed in the car, which was probably for the best, as I feel a very strong urge to rearrange them.


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  1. these are wonderful!!!! don’t you just want to place that mushroom by the lips?we had an ice cream cake for my dad’s birthday yesterday and since my parents’ fridge recently broke and they are waiting for a new one…we got to take the rest of the cake home. yum. we had some of it for lunch today…big wide grin!!!

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