Dagny was the first to go vegetarian. Shortly after we moved into this house almost 9 years ago we decided to have a barbecue. Suddenly Dagny was hit with the idea that the cows who live next door could smell the meat cooking on our grill. I followed shortly after, having always leaned in that direction, and Rowan followed as soon as she made the connection between meat and animals.

Anyway, all that to say the three of us have been vegetarian for 8-9 years. It’s been easy for all of us, as the idea of not being vegetarian just grosses us out. We have, however, had one big problem. Marshmallows. How to live without that sticky goodness? What’s a campfire without a toasted marshmallow? What’s better than air-puffed sugar delights for secret eating?

We’ve been on a mission. Somewhere, there must be a vegetarian marshmallow that isn’t a blob of white goop. A marshmallow you can stab with a stick and hold in the fire til it’s puffed up and golden and full of gooey goodness.

Mission accomplished


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  1. thank you SOOO much for this. i’ve been a vegetarian for about 19 years and the kids have always been. campfires always leave me wishing for a roasted marshmallow though!!! and sure there is always jet puff for recipes but it will not do for a campfire!!! the kids indulged in trying it once but didn’t care for it and thought it wasn’t worth the fact that they were eating gelatin. thanks for this link!!!

  2. Definitely try some, Laura. They sell ‘duds’ – marshmallows that didn’t come out the right shape – a little cheaper. For us they’re like mini marshmallows, good for hot chocolate or just eating. The regular ones are best for a campfire, though.K, I don’t know if we’ll switch for the bananas. Fluff seems to work just fine, and that leaves more shmallows for the fire.

  3. WOW! WOW! We are a family of 6, vegetarian for 15+ years, vegan for 4. My boys are going to be soooo excited! i’m considering wrapping them under the tree for Christmas! Its one of those things, that i hated to see my boys miss out on. We have been making s’mores with rice-mellow dream, but not the same, no “toasty goodness” Thanks a ton!

  4. Okay — I’m not a vegetarian, but I’ve never liked marshmallows. Two of my kids ARE vegetarians, however, and have recently brought the issue of gelatin to my attention. (They love marshmallows, by the way, before they were clued in to the gelatin thing.) These might be something we both enjoy. Thanks for the link — I’m especially drawn to the coconut version.

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