We tend to name things in our house – furniture, rooms, everything gets a name. The Gun Room pretty much named itself, but over the years it morphed into The Office. These days we’re finally transforming it into a craft studio. So far we’re still calling it The Office, but in my head (a noisy, busy place) it’s The Atelier. I like to do what I can to keep it pretty in there.

Dagny and I started painting yesterday. She and Rowan chose the color – Golden Rod. It’s a bright room, with good-sized windows on the eastern and southern walls, and I think the yellow suits it.

We’ve got lots of ideas and lots to do, and for me designing the room will be as much fun as actually using it. Dagny and I want this turquoisey blue to make its way into the room somewhere, as it looks quite pretty with the yellow in that studio. I’m thinking probably on the shelves Jon just found out he’s building for me. He’s nice like that.


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