The atelier-office-gunroom-studio project is coming along in Kream style (by which I mean slowly).

I just finished painting the trim for the shelving and I’ll be painting the bigger pieces this afternoon.

Then Jon can finish up the ceiling (we learned that drywall doesn’t like it if you keep the heat off), and we can lay the floor, build the shelves, and actually set up the room. Finally, finally, my mom and I will get to refinish this table.

(That big crack on the top of the table is gone. We fixed it up with some glue and really big clamps.)

See the masking tape in that first picture? This is what Jon has to deal with. I don’t draw, so when I want us to build something I draw on the wall with masking tape and he figures out how it will stay up and how many bazilliondy pieces of wood I need to paint.


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