We have been so busy and getting so much done and I haven’t taken any pictures to prove it. I keep thinking about it, but never at the right moment.

My mom and I are almost done refinishing the two tables for the studio/office/gunroom/atelier. We stripped them, a messy, sting-y project, and we’ve done two coats of poly. We’ll do the final coat tomorrow. Today she gave us some very pretty illustrations to hang in that room, which I’m excited about.

We’ve got the new garden ready for transplanting our 17 blueberry bushes. I think I’ll end up planting in the rain, based on the forecast for the next week. I’ll get wet, but the happiest plants I have are the ones I’ve planted in the rain, so that’s good.

Jon and I have been banished to our bedroom because Dagny and Andrew are filming some top-secret footage in the rest of the house. Jon is snoring loudly beside me. I’m going to read The Sisters Grimm, but forgive me, Rowan, if I inadvertently end up taking a nap instead.


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