Dog Day Afternoon

Plan: get started on the bathroom floor. Reality: Meet Layla.

Layla had the most amazing afternoon of her life. She ran and ran and ran and ran.  For at least 4 hours straight. In the woods, in the fields, non-stop, run, run, run.  I first tried to catch her around 3:00, but didn’t get close. At about 7:00 she started running in and out of our yard. Dagny, Andrew, Jon, and I tried everything we could think of to round her up. Finally Jon yelled, “Sit!”, and sit she did.

We brought her home and took her picture, and I wandered the neighborhood asking everyone if they lost a dog or recognized her. A few people thought she looked familiar, just about everyone had seen her running, some had tried to catch her, but no one knew her. Luckily while I was out Jon’s call to the police station had better results.

9:15 pm, Layla’s safe and sleeping.  Project resumes.

Not exactly the unexpected I was expecting.


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