Can Do

Is there anything handier than a mason jar?

We purchased quite a collection from a family cleaning out their basement.

We use them to store dry food, to measure liquids, to hold craft supplies, as vases, as candle holders, and as drinking glasses.

Some I’ve painted with chalkboard paint for easy labeling.

I imagine they’ve seen their share of pickles and jams. I haven’t braved using these old ones for an actual canning project, though. With new rubber rings there’s no reason they shouldn’t work just fine, but I like to give my canned goods as gifts and I’m not ready to part with any of these well-loved jars.


4 thoughts on “Can Do

  1. It’s really a wonderful design. Beauty and function.

    Most of the older jars you’ll find on Craigslist are not cheap (at least in my area), but if you check regularly you might luck out.

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