Float Like a Butterfly

This is by far the thickest comb I have ever pulled from my hive.

Andrew, who was wearing our one veil, did most of the work today. I, who was not, was stung just above the eyebrow when I couldn’t resist getting in there to pull some frames.

Small price for me, ultimate price for the bee. There is no food we eat that does not cause a loss of life. I accept that, but I cannot do so casually.

This particular hive was installed in 2011. We didn’t take any honey from them last year, and they came through the winter in great strength. I plan to leave them quite a bit more honey than is commonly recommended this year as well. The practice of stealing great amounts of honey only to have a weak hive which needs to be fed sugar water in the Spring (assuming they make it to Spring at all) does not sit well with me.

Tread I must, but I will do so as softly as I can.


One thought on “Float Like a Butterfly

  1. I learned beekeeping a few years ago…and I was of similar mind to leave more honey on the hive than is typically recommended. Glad to come across somebody of the same mind! :]

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