A Series of Unfortunate Events

We’ve had an unpleasantly eventful couple of weeks, including everything from a brush with death to a common cold, with events of a range of seriousness before, after, and between.

I’m responding to this as I always do, by turning inward a bit more than usual, taking a metaphorical step back. Even as I do so, though, I’m drawn out by warm sun and a cool breeze, a neighbor arriving with a basket of fresh produce, a cloud of butterflies at my doorstep, a snapshot of me and Jon as teenagers fluttering out of an anniversary card onto my lap.

My first thought on seeing this photo was not, “The glasses!” but, “The love!” I’ve been encircled by this love for over twenty-seven years. Mountains crumble (literally in this case), people disappoint, mistakes are made, budgets pinch, danger lurks, and I am held tight by a boy behind whose dated glasses I see my daughter’s eyes.


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