Kernel of Truth

I have never eaten so much corn in my life as I have over the past few weeks. One of our generous neighbors (we’re lucky to have quite a few) keeps appearing at our door with piles of the most delicious produce. I’m not sure she knows just how enthusiastically we receive it, but we’ve tried to show her by showering her with honey and warm brownies and fresh herbs in return.

My lunch of choice these days has been tomato mixed with the raw corn from one cob, a bit of dressing on top. Corn has made its way onto pizza, into sandwiches, and of course into pots of boiling water. What we don’t promptly eat makes its way to the freezer. I know the conventional wisdom is to blanch corn before freezing, but I never have. I cut the kernels off the cob, measure out 2 cup portions, and throw them into the freezer in something airtight. I’ve never been disappointed in its appearance, taste, or texture come February.


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