I Think I Can

It’ll come as no surprise that I enjoy a blog called Food in Jars. I haven’t gotten my hands on the author’s book yet, so I was excited to find a recipe from it (for Basic Tomato Salsa) on another blog I love, Eating From the Ground Up.

In her post introducing the recipe, Alana Chernila references an article from 2010 about the resurgence of home canning, and responds to some of the ideas presented. My own response to the article is this: Imagining we know what other peoples’ motivations are in doing anything is unwise. Disparaging people and the work they choose to do with terms like “self-congratulation”, “cultish hobby”, and “bloggable and boastworthy” based on those imaginings is not in good taste. And I’m all about good taste. It’s not the only reason I put Food in Jars or fill my Homemade Pantry, but it would be enough of one for me.


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