Supporting Players

When I was a kid my mom and dad helped me clean up when I cooked. It wasn’t until I moved away from them that I really understood I had only been doing a fraction of the work.  Cooking is messy, and dealing with that mess adds a lot of time to any cooking project. It can tip the scales from fun to tiring for anyone, kid or adult. I had a bit of a learning curve when first cooking without a backup team, but I’ve streamlined my process, loading the dishwasher as I work, putting sticky utensils on a plate rather than directly on the counter or stove top, throwing empty butter boxes directly in the recycling rather than plopping them on the counter. All little things, but things that help me focus on the fun part, just as my parents did. And rarely, very rarely, I come across a tool that earns its space in the cabinets by saving both time and frustration.

Andrew and Dagny recently visited Andrew’s grandparents, and came home with just such a tool from their kitchen.

This pastry canvas and rolling pin cover set has not only made rolling out pie a more enjoyable experience, as with a bit of flour the crust doesn’t stick, it’s also cut quite a bit of time in the clean-up department. There’s no floury, sticky mess on the counter or rolling pin. The fabric is thrown in the washing machine and hung to dry.

I was curious to see if this is something that’s still made today, and it is. You can find a variety of pastry cloths with google. I found a shop on Etsy * with the same one we have, still in its package. (*I do not know this seller. Their feedback is good, but I can’t vouch for them personally.) If you like to make pies, I’d say a pastry canvas  is a worthwhile investment.

As is helping kids focus on the fun part, whatever that may be for them.


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