Fall in Place

I took a walk around the yard this afternoon, mostly just to enjoy the sunshine. It’s one of those days that’s so bright you could almost believe it was summer until you hear and smell and feel the leaves crunching beneath your feet.

I made sure nobody had dug up my freshly planted garlic, admired the asparagus ferns, and noted signs of frost on kiwi vines and strawberry plants.  I was excited to see bees flying, landing heavily at the entrance to their hive laden with bright yellow pollen. They’re moving too fast to capture with my point-and-shoot, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

My oregano plants were more accommodating, sitting quite still to have their pictures taken.

I planted both Greek oregano and hot and spicy oregano this past spring. Their relation to mint has been evident in their growth. Both have dried nicely in the kitchen and provide a really great burst of flavor and aroma, which I’m particularly enjoying in lasagna. Our first frost last week seems to have had no affect on them whatsoever and I’m curious to see if they make it through the winter. Curious, but not anxious, as I am for the bees. They came through last winter strong, and they seem to be strong as we head into this one. They have plenty of honey. But I’ll have my fingers crossed nonetheless.


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