Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

When it comes to food, we shop seasonally. In some ways this is a financial decision. We’re feeding five grown people, and anything we can do to minimize costs makes a big difference over time. But it’s also a flavor decision. Having grown accustomed to fruits and vegetables only hours from harvesting, we aren’t tempted by waxy asparagus or tomatoes in December.

Today I bought the very last available tomatoes from our local farmer, double checking to be sure they weren’t hiding any in the back. We shop seasonally, but we don’t eat completely seasonally, thanks to our freezer and the stacks of canned food in our basement. Some of these final tomatoes will be eaten fresh. The rest are laid out on trays in my oven, shrinking and shriveling and concentrating summer into firm, red, chewy bites.

Dehydrated Tomatoes



Cut the tomatoes into chunks. The size doesn’t matter much. Bigger ones will take longer, obviously. They do shrink quite a bit, so keep that in mind.

Lay on a baking sheet and sprinkle with salt. I like kosher.

Bake at 225 (with convection fan if you’ve got one) until they feel like raisins. Mine take between 4 and 6 hours, depending on their size.

Store in fridge for immediate eating, or in freezer for a taste of summer in December.


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