Head to the Store

I tend to over think purchases. I research and get a headache and put it off and ask people for their opinions and read a million reviews and get another headache and feel paralyzed with indecision and put it off a while longer. Good for the budget, but clearly no good for my head. Maybe I can save you similar trouble on this one item.


If you cook a lot you should own Silpat. Although pictured here with cookies, they’re useful for much more. (And really aren’t all that necessary for cookies, in my experience, unless your cookies are of a jammy or sugar-sprinkled variety.) We use ours when we’re cooking anything at all sticky or prone to make a melty mess. We slip one under our pie plate to catch drips of fruit filling. We bake our pizza and nachos on them. For the most part they clean up with a rinsing, although we give them a soapy sponge scrubbing for good measure. Our pans last longer, we use less tin foil and parchment paper, and cleaning is fast and easy. In retrospect, an easy decision to make.


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