Busy as Bees

Jon took a really great picture of the bees yesterday, and my computer ate it. Sadness. We’ll just have to look at a picture of last year’s bees.

The hive looks strong. Lots of bees, lots of honey. Andrew and I flipped the entrance reducer to help alleviate traffic jams and added another super to assure the bees they have lots of room to expand and don’t need to consider swarming.

I sat at the entrance for a while today watching bees arrive, big yellow circles of pollen tucked into their bodies, legs stuck down like landing gear. I imagine their feet ache, their wings tire. But I suppose I may be projecting.


Signs are everywhere. Bees fly, weeds grow, buds open, rain falls.

But this particular combination of colors and lines is my yearly confirmation.

I had the best surprise today! I went to check on the new strawberries Dagny and I planted this year. They look great, but more exciting was what I found on the tri-stars we planted in Spring 2010.

These are the same plants that produced til November last year. If this year’s similar, we’ll enjoy five full months of strawberries! What could be better than that?

Ok, ya, maybe that.

Just for Anna, here’s some of what’s going on at our house:

The beehive got taller.

There are lots of bees in there, and the smell of beeswax is amazing.

The hydrangea are putting on quite a show.

I’m growing summer squash and zucchini for the first time.

The craft room smells like garlic.

Critters are eating all our strawberries.

And if this is what your ‘weeds’ look like, don’t pull them – they’re tall phlox.