Around the Corner

We’re taking a break from house projects. Time to save up a bit of money, energy, and enthusiasm to tackle what’s left to do. This morning I came across a series of photos from when we worked on the craft room.






Looking at them I feel half inspired to get to the next project and half exhausted just thinking about how much time and effort one little corner takes.


Can Do

Is there anything handier than a mason jar?

We purchased quite a collection from a family cleaning out their basement.

We use them to store dry food, to measure liquids, to hold craft supplies, as vases, as candle holders, and as drinking glasses.

Some I’ve painted with chalkboard paint for easy labeling.

I imagine they’ve seen their share of pickles and jams. I haven’t braved using these old ones for an actual canning project, though. With new rubber rings there’s no reason they shouldn’t work just fine, but I like to give my canned goods as gifts and I’m not ready to part with any of these well-loved jars.

Looky here. Jeanne is making jewelry. I think these three would look nice all stacked together up an arm.

(On a side note, how much do I love the word chartreuse? Very much.)

Have you ever made yourself a present?

You should. You totally deserve it.

Imagine you had a sister, and you liked to talk to your sister about quilts, because you really love quilts, and she makes quilts, and you’re pretty sure that as much as you love quilts you’re lacking whatever gene it is that would enable you to make one yourself, but you love to look at them and dream about them and talk about them and she understands.

Ok, so you’ve got this sister, and you email her a picture of a quilt you like, and she emails back saying that it’d be a great quilt for a beginner, so simple!

Flash forward. You’ve pieced the top. Yay! Your sister comes over so you can lay the quilt out together. She eats her words.

Then she goes home. And you’re slightly terrified but simultaneously thrilled with the potential prettiness.

(As I look at the picture I immediately see some squares that can’t stay where they are. That’s ok. I’m going to make a couple of squares out of the fabric we chose for the borders, binding, and back,

so I’ll be swapping out a few.)