A really long time ago this picture was on my blog. Remember?

Here’s what the table looks like now:

(Well, actually it’s a bit messier than that now, but that’s what it looked like this morning.)

While we were working on the craft room (I seem to have settled into that name…) I came across another table at the architectural salvage store we like to go to. I didn’t get any before pictures of it, but it was in a bit better shape than the first one. My mom and I refinished it too, and here’ s how it came out:

This table has a little plaque on it that says it was property of Brown University. One of my favorite things about it is the graffiti in the drawers. (Is that weird?)

I wonder what ‘Rotten ole Tom Brady’, class of ’51, is up to these days.

Been wishing you had some pretty pottery? Check out Brenna’s etsy shop.

Dagny got this mug last week. On top of being so nice to look at, it’s got that just right for wrapping your hand around feeling.

You can tell when a thing’s been made by someone who’s doing something they love, you know?