Time Off For Good Behavior

Goodbye dingy, stained, yellowy-off-white linoleum.

Hello shiny, bright, white and black ceramic tile.

Nine hours on my knees. I did take a half-hour break to watch Legend of Korra this morning, though. I’m not an idiot.

Dog Day Afternoon

Plan: get started on the bathroom floor. Reality: Meet Layla.

Layla had the most amazing afternoon of her life. She ran and ran and ran and ran.  For at least 4 hours straight. In the woods, in the fields, non-stop, run, run, run.  I first tried to catch her around 3:00, but didn’t get close. At about 7:00 she started running in and out of our yard. Dagny, Andrew, Jon, and I tried everything we could think of to round her up. Finally Jon yelled, “Sit!”, and sit she did.

We brought her home and took her picture, and I wandered the neighborhood asking everyone if they lost a dog or recognized her. A few people thought she looked familiar, just about everyone had seen her running, some had tried to catch her, but no one knew her. Luckily while I was out Jon’s call to the police station had better results.

9:15 pm, Layla’s safe and sleeping.  Project resumes.

Not exactly the unexpected I was expecting.

My Only Sunshine

I think if I climbed up into our tree-house and stretched to the tips of my toes I could just about reach the clouds. It’s as gray as can be.

We managed to spread most of the 9 yards of mulch we had delivered on Monday over the past two evenings, finishing up last night just as the warning droplets started to fall.

This garden is about 40 feet long, and a good bit of it is shaded by the Japanese Maple. Over the past few years we’ve cleared out gnarly evergreens, poison ivy, and a tangle of weeds. We add flowers and herbs to it a bit at a time, as we can. Each year there’s a little less mulch and we inch our way closer to the riot of color I see in my mind. That these gray days help move that vision along may be their only redeeming quality.

Beware of Attack Cow

The to-do list: a fretful balancing act between the weight of responsibility and the joy of wiping things out with a stroke of your pen. Er, mouse.  Laundry room/half-bath floor. Joy prevails.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Since the new floor ended up being flush with the kitchen floor, we opted not to install the threshold we ordered. There was no way to line the pattern up perfectly with the one in the kitchen, so it’s obvious they were put in at different times, but the perfect is the enemy of the good and all that.

There are a few more little things to do in this room before we call it done, but for today I’m going to take advantage of the fleeting sunshine and do a bit of this.


Painted Lady

Every project creates more projects. Important to remember when you’re planning your budget and are tempted to spend more on tiles or whatever you start off needing. You’re going to need something else. The unexpected isn’t really unexpected, we just don’t know what it is yet.

In the case of the laundry room, the unexpected took the form of baseboard. Our plan was to pop the old baseboard off, install the tile, then stick the old baseboard back in place. The new floor ended up being a different height than the old floor, though, necessitating wider baseboard.  Baseboard up, out comes my painting outfit and on goes a coat of paint. Most of it lands where it’s supposed to, but a good bit is bound to land on me.

Cutting in is not my favorite thing to do, but having the right tool has curbed my propensity to procrastinate.

Home Depot, $5.  A comfy handle, just the right angle, no loose bristles mucking things up, and it keeps its shape after lots of use and washing. My clothes aren’t any neater, but my edges are.

With so many big projects to do, the details sometimes have to wait a while.

That just makes it even more exciting when they finally get done.

Lights! On all three entrances!

Such luxury! I can’t wait til it gets dark tonight so I can bask in their glow.

These fixtures took me way too long to find. I saw plenty I liked, but they cost much more than I wanted to spend. I finally ended up at Arcadian Lighting. Their prices were by far the lowest I found, and so far the quality of the fixtures seems very good. And I think our house looks pretty happy with itself, don’t you?

(Note to self: Trim that giant bush next to the stairs.)

I posted the other day what’s to the left when you walk in our house.

(photo by Dagny)

Here’s what’s to the right.

The door on the left is a coat closet. The door on the right leads to our craft room. Rather than leave the walls bare, I decided to create a little nook to play in.

On one side, there’s a geoboard wall, two geoboards wide and seven tall. Some of the boards have a square pattern of pegs and some a circular.

It was inspired by the geoboard wall at a local children’s museum, where Rowan and I spent hours and hours stretching elastics while Dagny explored.

On the other side is a giant magnetic chalkboard.

I had to apply layer after layer of the magnetic paint to get even the lightest of magnets to stick, but the board has been in use for years, so I’d say it was worth it.

The cans, which are quart-sized paint cans covered in patterned paper, contain chalk, elastics, and magnets.

Oh, and the answer to my question? (This time, anyway…)

Only took him about 2 minutes to notice it. He’s a keeper.