Painted Lady

Every project creates more projects. Important to remember when you’re planning your budget and are tempted to spend more on tiles or whatever you start off needing. You’re going to need something else. The unexpected isn’t really unexpected, we just don’t know what it is yet.

In the case of the laundry room, the unexpected took the form of baseboard. Our plan was to pop the old baseboard off, install the tile, then stick the old baseboard back in place. The new floor ended up being a different height than the old floor, though, necessitating wider baseboard.  Baseboard up, out comes my painting outfit and on goes a coat of paint. Most of it lands where it’s supposed to, but a good bit is bound to land on me.

Cutting in is not my favorite thing to do, but having the right tool has curbed my propensity to procrastinate.

Home Depot, $5.  A comfy handle, just the right angle, no loose bristles mucking things up, and it keeps its shape after lots of use and washing. My clothes aren’t any neater, but my edges are.