Uncle Drew’s the go-kart guy. He’ll help you build it just the way you want it, and then he’ll help you get it up the hill eleventy-bazillion times.

Our go-kart course is a carefully chosen hill-with-a-curve-to-the-left in the old cemetery near the Dorseys’ house.

In our experience, go-kart night’s over when either the go-kart or a cousin gets too hurt to continue. This year Declan and Rowan suffered wipe-outs when we decided to try out a new hill, and Rowan’s cuts – “they’re wounds, call them wounds!” – brought the evening to an end. We prefer a spectacular crash up of the kart rather than the kids. Bad luck.

Maybe it had something to do with this guy?


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  1. The hill they regularly use doesn’t scare me – it’s a gentle slope, Uncle Drew stands at the bottom, and the kids are really good at steering it left onto the flatter bit of road – but the new hill they tried out scared the heck out of me. It was much steeper and headed straight for 3 big headstones. Drew was busy, so I stood at the bottom wondering exactly what effect my 110 pounds was going to have on a plummenting go-kart :o). The asphalt was so torn up there, though, that no one made it all the way to my end anyway.

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