The weather’s been keeping us outside, planting, raking, digging, and enjoying the sun and the dirt. When we’re not outside, there’s been lots and lots of crafting going on.

I got through making my poncho with a bit of difficulty. It has a few of what my friend Karen calls ‘soul-holes’, but I like it a lot. Reading the pattern was really confusing for me, but I decided to make another poncho and suddenly it all clicked. I had no trouble with the second one and finished it quickly. Rowan adopted it. It’s soft and cozy and I’m glad she loves it.
Rowan’s still really into the Bobbsey Twins. She recently got some old books – one from 1904 and one from 1907. Very cool. She also got a Bobbsey Twins coloring book from the 1950’s. It’s never been colored in and she’s very happy with the drawings of the twins. We’ve looked up some other BT items, and she’s been disappointed in the dolls. None of the ones we’ve seen are accurate. So Rowan decided to make her own. She got some dolls at the craft store, cut and styled their hair, and made them outfits. Here’s how they came out:

Bert, Nan, Flossie, and Freddie hang out in our bedroom so I get to see them all the time, and they make me smile.

Today was Sheep Day at Soule Homestead. From the minute we got there Dagny had her eye on two women who were spinning. After a quick picnic we headed over to talk with them. Within minutes Dagny was happily spinning.

(I’ve got to give Rowan credit for the second picture, which I love!)

I think the juxtaposition of Julian’s very cool, studded, patch-covered jacket and the old-fashioned art of spinning is neat.

The women were great. They were excited by Dagny’s excitement. The woman in the picture runs spinning classes, which Dagny’s going to check out. The other woman gave Dagny a gift – some beautiful fleece. It was a really amazing experience and lots of fun. I love to be around people who are doing something they love and want to share it.


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  1. Those spinning photos are absolutely lovely! In all my years growing up in MA I never heard of this farm, but it sounds really cool. We’ll be in MA this summer visiting family, wonder if I can sneak in a visit??

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