The Future is Now

For years I’ve been saying that my long-term goal is to set up a little farm stand on the edge of our yard. Strawberries, flowers, asparagus, garlic, onions, blueberries – someday I would sell them. It occurred to me a few weeks ago that there was no reason someday couldn’t start now, even if I am not quite ready for the full production I envision while I’m digging, weeding, and learning.

No, my asparagus plants aren’t mature enough to harvest. Yes, the small number of blueberries that ripen are immediately snatched by faster animals that I. No, I haven’t yet grown more garlic and onions than we can and will eat in a year. But, yes, I have flowers. Big, beautiful hydrangea that people stop their cars to tell me they love.

I found it took a bit of courage to set out that first bouquet. I haven’t quite pinned down why that is. What sparks that self-doubt, that flutter in your chest? I don’t know. But set it out I did, and it sold. And then another, and another. And suddenly I have a little (very little) farm stand on the edge of our yard.



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